Getting to know 22seven's categories

Categories are crucial for budgeting so that you can see exactly how you’re spending your money. 22seven has a list of default categories, created to accurately group all your income and expenses. Our algorithm will automatically pick the best category for your transaction, but you can easily recategorise, assign uncategorised transactions or even create your own custom categories.

Below is a list of all the default 22seven categories and the types of transactions that fall under them:


Beer, wine and spirits.

ATM & Cash

Cash withdrawals from an ATM or supermarket till.

Bank Charges & Fees

Bank transaction fees for transfers, payments and debit orders.

Books & Stationery

Books, pens, pencils, printing paper and other stationery.


Business related expenses, reimbursable company expenditure.

Card Repayments

Store and credit card debt repayments.

P.S. If you don't want transfers between your linked accounts to inflate your spend and/or income, simply categorise those transactions into the Transfer spending group. Find out more.

Cell phone

Airtime, prepaid data top-up or monthly cell phone contracts.

Children & Dependants

Allowances, baby products, babysitters, daycare fees, toys and kids’ activities.


Cigarettes, tobacco and vaping products.

Clothing & Accessories

Clothes, shoes, jewellery and other accessories.


Takeout coffees and home-use products such as coffee pods and beans.


Charities, churches, good causes or people.

Eating Out & Takeouts

Restaurants, takeouts or food delivery.


University fees, online courses and any other study.


Cinema, concert, museum or theatre tickets, movie and music subscription services and other entertainment purchases.

Friends & Family

Money given or owed to family and friends.

General Purchases

Stores and transactions that fall under multiple categories.


Gift purchases for friends and family.


Food and household products.

Health & Medical

Doctor, dentist and optometrist fees, hospital and medical aid bills, pharmacy purchases.


Music, art or dance lessons, collectible hobbies such as figurines, stamps and vinyl LPs.

Holidays & Travel

Air and travel-related transport tickets, accommodation expenses.

Home & Garden

Furniture and home DIY expenses, potting soil, plants and gardening tools.

Home Loan Repayments

Repayments to your home loan.

Home Utility & Service

Water, electricity, municipal rates, gardening and security services.


Domestic cleaning services.


Life, vehicle and home insurance or funeral cover.


Interest earned or paid.

Internet & Telephone

Internet subscriptions or hosting and landline fees.


Medium- to long-term investments such as retirement funds, shares, stocks and bonds.


Repaying or giving loans.

Lotto & Gambling

Lottery tickets, casino and betting expenses.

Personal Care

Toiletries, salons, cosmetics and treatments.


Veterinary bills, grooming products and pet food.

Professional Services

Specialised service hire such as lawyer or accountant fees, financial advisors or photo printing.


Rental expenses for your home, parking or storage.

Salaries & Wages

Salaries, wages and commissions.


Money saved for future purchases, cash on hand or an emergency fund.

Software & Services

Software subscriptions, charges and services such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, or an antivirus.

Sport & Fitness

Sporting equipment and gear purchases, gym memberships or other fitness classes.


PAYE, VAT and other taxes.

Tech & Appliances

TVs, computers, cell phones, kitchen and laundry appliances or other electronic devices.

Transport & Fuel

Fuel, parking fees, public transport, car rental and rideshare.


TV licence, DSTV, online TV streaming services.

Vehicle Expenses

Vehicle service charges and parts.

Vehicle Repayments

Vehicle finance repayments.

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