What are the Spending Groups and what do they mean?

You'll find 6 different Spending Groups in 22seven. What are they and what do they mean exactly? We're glad you asked!


Inconsistent or variable expenses that are usually smaller and less considered, and mostly paid for by cash or card - like clothing, groceries, entertainment and eating out.


Consistent or fixed expenses that are usually paid monthly, and which you can plan for - like rent, insurance, phone contracts and school fees.


Once-off, ad-hoc or occasional expenses that are often substantial, and which can be unexpected or planned - like car repairs, appliances, home improvements and holidays.


Spending that's good for your net value because it's increasing what you have or decreases what you owe - like unit trusts, retirement annuities, home or vehicle loan repayments.


Money that comes into your everyday bank accounts - like your salary, rental income and medical aid refunds.


Money that moves between your linked accounts - like payments from your bank account to your credit card, or vice versa.

💡 Find out more about transfers, or how to use your Budget.

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