What are account groups?

Account groups are currently only available on our Android and Web apps. iOS coming in future!

22seven automatically gathers your accounts into 8 groups. These are:

  • Bank
  • Credit
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Investments
  • Loans
  • Rewards
  • Savings
  • Other

Groups give you a summarised view of your total balance for the accounts that fall under them. On Android, you can move your accounts between the default ones, or create your own. You're also able to choose another one of our icons to identify your groups if you don't like the default icon we've selected for you. These features will be coming to Web soon.

And on both platforms, if you'd prefer not to use account grouping at all, you can disable them. On Web, simply hit the "Disable account groups" button. On Android, hit the options button first, then select "Disable account groups."

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