What's Old Mutual Rewards?

Old Mutual Rewards is a fully digital rewards programme and it’s open to everyone – even if you’re not an Old Mutual customer. 

Joining Old Mutual Rewards is easy and completely free!

Earn points by being money smart and using the 22seven app. Every 10 points earned equals R1. That’s real money you can use to spend in-store at one of more than 20 retail partners.

Wait, there’s more. You can also choose to invest using the points you earn. Simply select an Old Mutual investment product to convert the points into a cash investment for your future.


How do I join Old Mutual Rewards?

Signing up for Old Mutual rewards is free and easy. 

Signing Up

Not an Old Mutual Customer? No stress! Anybody can join Old Mutual Rewards. If you've already signed up for 22seven, open up the app on iOS or Android, go to your Profile on the settings page and scroll down to "Earn Old Mutual Rewards" to sign up – it's that easy!

Connect and link your account to 22seven

If you have already joined Old Mutual Rewards, you’ll be able to connect and link it to your 22seven profile so you can easily keep track of the points you earn. In the 22seven app, go to your Profile on the settings page and scroll down to "Earn Old Mutual Rewards" to link your Old Mutual Rewards to 22seven.

Make sure you’re connected

To ensure your Old Mutual Rewards account is correctly connected and linked to 22seven, make sure you can see “You’re all set” when you go to Profile on the settings page and scroll down to “Earn Old Mutual Rewards”.

And that’s it, start earning those points!


How do I earn Old Mutual Rewards?

You can start earning your points right away. Old Mutual Rewards offers points for using 22seven and for being money smart.


Use the 22seven app


Be money smart

Old Mutual customers can also earn extra points for being money smart.

Referring a friend: You get points for referring friends and family to join the programme.

Speak to an adviser: Request to see a financial adviser.

Complete MoneyVersity courses: Learn how to make the most of your money and earn points for each course you complete.

You can also earn between 20 and 500 points by using Old Mutual's financial tools and calculators, completing their financial assessments, requesting a credit report, completing their Fin360 courses, completing their On the Money courses and filling out surveys.

For more details on how you can earn points directly through Old Mutual, head over to their Old Mutual Rewards page.

Track what you’ve earned

Once you’ve linked your Old Mutual Rewards are linked to your 22seven account, you’ll be able to see the rand value of your points on your 22seven Accounts tab, along with all your other linked accounts.

Tap the Old Mutual Rewards account to get a more detailed view of the points you’ve earned and to see how you’ve earned them.


Where can I spend my Old Mutual Rewards points?

Here’s where it gets fun.


Old Mutual Rewards can be converted into digital vouchers – in Old Mutual's app or on their website – to spend at the following outlets.


You can also use your points to buy mobile data, airtime and SMS bundles.


Make your points work for you – turn them into a cash investment for your future. Convert your points into money that can be put into an Old Mutual Money Account or a 2-In-One Savings Account


Being a member of Old Mutual Rewards also gives you access to promotions and instant Rewards, such as 10% off Edgar’s gift cards and a 25% discount with TaxTim.

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