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How to create your own category.


There are 2 methods for adding your own categories: using Settings, or from any transaction. Read on for instructions on both:
Version A – via Settings
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Log into 22seven and navigate to the Settings page.
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In the "Personalise" section of Settings, select "Your own categories" and then "ADD CATEGORY."
Step 3 of 3
Enter the name of your new category into the field provided and click "SAVE" to complete.
Your custom category will now be available in the category dropdown menu when recategorising a transaction.
Version B – via Transactions
Step 1 of 3
Log into 22seven and visit the Transactions tab. Click on the transaction you would like to categorise into a new, custom category.
Step 2 of 3
In the Transaction detail view, click on "Categorise."
Step 3 of 3
Enter your new custom category name and click the "+Create" button to save it.

The custom category will now be available in the category dropdown menu.
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