How to tag transactions

22seven lets you tag your transactions on Android and iOS (Web coming very soon!). You can use tags to add more detail about the types of transactions you've made. If you go on holiday, for example, your spending will get categorised as usual, but now you can add a #holiday tag to make it easy to calculate your total holiday spend. Pretty neat, huh?


Add a tag.png


Here's how to tag a transaction:

  • Open your 22seven app on Android or iOS
  • Select Tracking in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap on a transaction you want to tag
  • Select the blue + button under the Tags heading (just below Category)
  • Pick a colour for your tag
  • Type a name for your tag in the box below (your tags will be appended with a #hashtag in 22seven)
  • Tap on the blue Tag transaction button to tag your transaction and save your tag for future use

Tip: as mentioned above, your tags will be saved for future use. Once you've created a tag, simply tap on a transaction, select Tags and you'll see your existing tags available for quick use just above the blue Tag transaction button.

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