When/how does my data get updated on 22seven?

By default, when you sign up for 22seven, we turn on automatic account updates. This allows us to log into your linked accounts once a day during a specific 3-hour window to gather the latest balances and transactions from your accounts so they're already waiting for you when you open the app. So don't panic if you receive login notifications from your bank! We'll send you a courtesy push notification and email before the first automatic account update runs to warn you. You can disable automatic account updates or change your automatic account updates timeslot by going to the Accounts screen in 22seven.

If you've disabled automatic account updates, we'll trigger an update on your accounts if you manually open the app and we notice an update hasn't been run within the last 24 hours.

At any time you can manually run an update on your accounts by opening the app and going to the Accounts screen, then hitting the "Update Accounts" button (on Web), hitting the update icon at the top right of the screen (on Android) or pulling down on your list of accounts to trigger an update (on iOS).

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