Why are you asking for my login details? It seems very risky.

We ask for your login details so that we can automatically collect the latest information, like balances and transactions, from your financial products for you. We do it automatically so that it's easy for you to use the service and start looking at your money in new ways. Typing in information or downloading and uploading files from your bank is just more homework.

We're able to automate this because we've partnered with a company called Yodlee out of the US. They are the biggest and the best at collecting information in this way, and hold dozens of security and other patents. They’re used by nearly 50 million people around the world and by 7 of the top 10 US financial institutions. In SA, Nedbank and Sage Pastel also use them. You can read more about them and our other security measures here.

The information collection process is completely transparent. Each time you log in to 22seven your information will be refreshed. You also receive login notifications from your banks and other financial institutions – so you will always know when we are collecting information on your behalf.

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