Let's talk Transactions

Hey there Test Pilots,

We've been considering making some improvements to the Transactions screen. We know this screen is a very important one, so we want to make sure we get your input before we commit to changing it.

In these two very basic prototypes, we're experimenting with the placement of the search functionality, and we've added in merchant logos to help you better identify transactions.

Feel free to give us both positive and negative feedback; it's important to us that we address any concerns you may have. Any input you have will be a huge help, so thanks in advance!

Oh, and please leave your feedback right here in this thread instead of commenting directly on the prototypes.

Finally, a pro tip: If you hold the shift key on your keyboard, you will see the clickable areas of each prototype.


You can find the prototypes here:

Transactions Concept 1

Transactions Concept 2



  • I like the merchant logos and prefer the layout of the filter option in Concept 2.

    But I find it very helpful to be able to go back to a previous budget period - this seems very easy in Concept 1 but not in Concept 2.

  • I like concept 2

  • I prefer this option - the search with an icon / it looks less busy.

    The icon option is also cool - but does not make much of a difference - actually prefer the current.

  • If there's one thing I really don't like, in any interface, it's a floating element. So the floating filter of Option 1 may give the page a cleaner appearance, but the distraction it causes by floating over my transactions would be the reason I won't use it. I think if you can work a bit more on finding the best of both - the clean appearance of Option 1 with no floating elements of Option 2, you'll have a winner.

  • Love the transaction logos ... Prefer concept 2

  • The merchant logo's is an amazing simply and powerful solution. Love. It. The search function isnt something I use too often but the few times ive used it Ive found the browser version too work better than the app so an improvement in selecting or changing a search would be great.

  • I think you need to consider the perspective - iOS vs. Android.

    I prefer Concept 1 for the intuitive flow - but that may also be because I am a long time Android user.

  • I don't think the changes in these concepts are an improvement on the current design, bar the logos, which look nice. (What does it look like when the app doesn't have an icon for a merchant you frequent?) 


    The search in concept 1 is much better, Concept 2 is a bit more cluttered and not as appealing.

  • I don't like the "accounts" "transaction" etc buttons at the bottom of the screen. nothing wrong with them being under the 3 lines or the swipe from left to right as they are now. Takes up unnecessary space for viewing the transactions

  • The dark themed search drop down from concept 1 looks more professional than the white from concept 1

  • Hi


    This is great! The logos are fantastic.

    The search bar in concept 1 is more intuitive and stands out more at the top of the application. This kind of search icon and functionality is more native to most phones as well,

  • Like the logos and I prefer Concept 1

  • Transaction concept 1. :-)

  • Hi. I really like concept 2 -  find the search and filter functionality logical and easier to follow. The logo idea is excellent.


    1.) Where there is a refund or reimbursement of some sort would it be possible to have a "combine" function similar to the split function so these can be grouped together? Or perhaps some way of linking them together?

    2.) If a payment on one account is for another account on 22 seven could we have a special logo for the expense in one and income in the other so you can easily spot these transactions?

    3.) Would we be able to filter further based on logo so these are grouped together for the transaction view if required?

    4.) Are we able to filter further based on category so these are grouped together for the transaction view if required?


    Excellent app. Changed my life. Thx so much!

  • Another suggestion - maybe a field on the front summary pane ("Accounts") where we can add our own balances of amounts due and owing not catered for in 22seven eg amounts loaned to others or due from them or transactions not yet pulling into 22seven etc that could then be included in the "you have" and "you owe" balances and reflected in the "your net value" balance. This would possibly give a more wholistic view?

    Also what about being able to sync other apps eg "splitwise" so that these transactions and balances can be catered for and included in a similar way to bank accounts?


    Thx again.

  • I think concept 2 works a bit better: the search bar and refine options are a bit more logically / intuitively placed and eliminatees the floating button.
    I also really like the logos.It seems to space the individual transactions entries a bit better. Thanks for the effort and the good job! 

  • I like that the search doesn't take up a lot of space in concept 1. I don't like the floating filter button though it seems like it would get in the way and I find the "All Time to Today" label confusing.

  • I'm a fan of the cleanness of Concept 2. The floating button of Concept 1 looks as though it will get in the way/obscure useful information. 

    Nice work peeps!

  • I'd like to second the suggestion for an option to create "generic logos" (nothing too complicated, maybe just the option of border shape/colour and lettering) for vendors/transaction types that may not have logos (like rental transfers to landlords, payments to cash-only service providers etc).

    Love the entire look and feel of prototype 2, just much more intuitive.

    Keep up the excellent work guys.

  • I prefer Optoin 2 as the search functionality is more intuitive with the filter being co-located and the design is aligned with the rest of UX.

  • I prefer Concept 2 but neither concept allows a one click/touch option for marking off unseen transactions which are correctly categorised. On the PC version there is an option to "tick" it off. I am yet to find a quick way using mobile version. Complete pain in the bum.

  • I like the designs a lot! Logos are very useful. I like being able to search from the top of the screen, so prototype 2 gets my vote. Regarding the generic logo, great idea from a previous commentor. Lastly, it would be great to be able to change the dates on transactions. For transactions that happen late in the month cycle, sometimes they get allocated to the new budget cycle which is not what happened in my cashflow, so the reporting is wrong (similarly when my salary comes in before the 25th. The reporting shows that no salary came in that month because I'm not able to change the date)

  • Concept 2 is better from a UI point of view, concept 1 is aesthetically better however unpractical.

    Transactions Concept 2 is the best option.

  • I vote for Concept 2 as it feels simpler and more to the point.

  • Option Two works best for me, cleaner simpler and love the icons

  • I prefer option 2. 


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