Let's talk Transactions

Hey there Test Pilots,

We've been considering making some improvements to the Transactions screen. We know this screen is a very important one, so we want to make sure we get your input before we commit to changing it.

In these two very basic prototypes, we're experimenting with the placement of the search functionality, and we've added in merchant logos to help you better identify transactions.

Feel free to give us both positive and negative feedback; it's important to us that we address any concerns you may have. Any input you have will be a huge help, so thanks in advance!

Oh, and please leave your feedback right here in this thread instead of commenting directly on the prototypes.

Finally, a pro tip: If you hold the shift key on your keyboard, you will see the clickable areas of each prototype.


You can find the prototypes here:

Transactions Concept 1

Transactions Concept 2



  • Love the logos on the transactions! Makes it much quicker to scan through and identify different items.

  • Transactions Concept 1 looks better.

  • Hi team, 

    Thank you for the amazing work you guy are doing !

    Personally id prefer your 2nd concept, it seems the floating icon in the first concept picture would be bothersome in loo of the information that is behind it.



  • Looks good, I like the Logo's!

    Preferring option 2, it's a cleaner look. 


    It would be good to have the ability to add additional spending groups and then link that to certain transactions/categories. 

    I have recurring transactions from vendors that use a different unique reference code at the end of the transaction each month, which then don't auto-allocate. It would be good to have a way for those transactions to auto-allocate monthly.


  • Prefer filter on Concept 1 (bottom, center) since the "modal" come up at the bottom anyway. Feels more connected.

    Logos are great. It's so much easier to ID the transactions.

  • Concept 2 is really neat, clean, and it's in line with best UX practice.

    Specific things I like:

    • The search is right there, visible. Research in ecommerce has shown that this has the best chance of actually been used. Just having a magnifying glass icon is sometimes too hidden.
    • I can easily see what date range I am dealing with, and it's shown correctly as one of the filters
    • There's nothing covering the transaction rows (as there are in concept 1).

    Loving how you are sharing with the public and gathering feedback. It's inspiring!

  • The icons gives the tab a fresh look and feel - I prefer the "Transactions Concept 1" for the way the filter and the date selection is placed.

  • Hey,

    Thanks for all the work you've put in! I really like Concept 1 however I'll give some modifications that may not have been easy to replicate on the prototype.

    RE: Floating Filter 

    As other people are mentioning, the filter in the bottom centre is a bit of a distraction. I would circumvent this by making if disappear into the bottom of the screen when the user swipes up to scroll through the transactions. (It makes sense to make it disappear since they are going through their transactions instead of trying to filter them) and then make it re appear when they swipe down (to go up the list of transactions. Since they are seeking to reverse the scroll, they likely passed something and/or are looking for something. Hence it's safe to show them the floating filter to aid them in their search.)

    RE: The Search Functionality

    I really like the first concept because there isn't any colour shock when you try search for something. On the second concept, the top nav bar is dark and when you try search, everything just turns white. Not a good experience. Hence for the first concept everything has the same colour scheme and my eyes don't complain :)

    RE: Logos

    I really like. This is an awesome idea!

    Feature Request: Night/Dark Mode

    Stemming from the points I raised regarding the colours used with the search feature. Not to try initiate a whole redesign, however for some of us who tend to use the app at night in dimly lit rooms, the experience with the colours isn't quite the same as during the day when everything is well lit. So perhaps it may be worth looking into night and day modes for the app.

    Thanks for all your work once more!


  • Love the logos. Will help to spot transactions.

    Prefer option 2. Cleaner and the location is more intuitive for me.

  • Prefer concept number one!

  • I agree with the Concept 1 supporters.

  • Logos look great. Prefer Concept1 from my perspective.

  • Prefer Concept 1, no need to clutter the screen with permanent search bar.

  • Prefer concept 1 but I'm very familiar with that type of Filter, so it would feel more comfortable for me. Also love the logos.

  • Concept 2, a lot cleaner, I like the logos, but would love it if auto categorise works better. Currently still much room for improvement.

  • This is amazing changes guys, I like concept 1 but but maybe you could swap out the filters from concept 2 with concept 1.


    Logos are great but what will happen if where ever i am swiping does not have a logo (maybe create a "generic logo as well?)


    i agree with Collins regarding the dark/night mode could be a cool great feature.





  • I prefer option 1

    Love the merchant logos

  • Icons are amazing.
    Concept one comes across as cleaner looking in my opinion

  • I like concept 2

  • I think you need to consider the perspective - iOS vs. Android.

    I prefer Concept 1 for the intuitive flow - but that may also be because I am a long time Android user.

  • I don't think the changes in these concepts are an improvement on the current design, bar the logos, which look nice. (What does it look like when the app doesn't have an icon for a merchant you frequent?) 


    The search in concept 1 is much better, Concept 2 is a bit more cluttered and not as appealing.

  • The dark themed search drop down from concept 1 looks more professional than the white from concept 1

  • Hi


    This is great! The logos are fantastic.

    The search bar in concept 1 is more intuitive and stands out more at the top of the application. This kind of search icon and functionality is more native to most phones as well,

  • Cool one, quick question,been waiting for the "goals:track any linked account" and "account grouping " features,when are we getting those?

  • Concept 2. Floating buttons do get in the way when scrolling and Filtering is something I do often enough that the real estate at the top is not wasted. 


    If enough users find pull down to find the filter, then it would be an option

  • I prefer concept 2. The logos look great

  • Hey there 

    I agree with everyone the logos are a brilliant idea, they make viewing the transactions so easy. And I prefer option 2👍

  • Hi,

    I think Concept 2 is better. It’s more consistent with the UI in the rest of the app and of apps that most people are used to as well.
    The search in Concept 1 could be ambiguous and sometimes lead to frustration if user can’t think of exactly what to search for and so that search would have to be some kind of fuzzy search.

    Thanks for the great work so far!


  • I find concept 2 more intuitive with the search bar on top and the 2 date buttons. Though a "This month" and "last month" button options will be easier to select common selected date ranges

    Concept 1 filter button looks lost in the clutter

  • Love the logos and I prefer concept 2. 

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