Account grouping: feedback

Hi Test Pilots,

We're working on a new feature to give you some more control over your Accounts tab. It's called Account Grouping and will allow you to drag and drop your linked accounts into custom groups. You'll be able to name these groups and select from our awesome icons to identify them. Eventually, you'll even be able to upload your own icons. If you hate clutter, this should be right up your alley.

We've put together some advanced designs for how we envision this will look, but we'd appreciate your thoughts on them. Please remember that these designs may change based on the feedback we get in this thread and through other forms of customer testing.



  • Looks good, brilliant idea!

  • Not much time to browse all this and looking at responses looks like a feature wanted by all - not sure what you're trying to achieve by grouping from static pics above - how about posting a video tutorial for a better response (a red colour for debt would be a great visual aid too)

  • This is a great idea and will be very useful. 



  • Please can we have it now!

  • Is it possible to categorise the 'You Owe' and 'You Have' accounts? Like bank accounts and investments under the 'You Have' banner and loans, bond etc under the 'You Owe' banner. It would help in knowing i'm in the section that's all my money and the section that belongs to debt

  • I really like it - well done team :-) The only thing I'd want to make sure of is that I can expand/collapse all my groups with one click.  

  • I have been adding a "group" name to the transation title so i can see all transactions to do with say "george flat" that are all listed under different catagories. So this will be a great update.

  • Looks great. Have you thought about more than one level of grouping? We sync our whole family’s [me, my wife and two kids] accounts on one 22seven profile it would be great to be able to group by ‘Investments’ and the sub categorise by family member.

  • Love it. Great job!!!

  • What happened to this function? Was it implemented?

    It would be great to start using it

  • Hi Danie,

    This feature is already live in our Android app. It will be making its way to iOS and Web in the coming months.

    Our Web team are currently in the process of rebuilding our Web App to bring it up to date, following which our iOS team will be doing the same for our iOS app. As a result, some features may be available on one platform and not others for the coming months, but this will change once the rebuilds are complete and each team has an opportunity to work on features they haven't implemented yet :)

  • Me again,


    When will this be available on the website.  I do not care about the iOS app anymore, as that hardly ever work. But getting this done in the Web app will be much appreciated



  • Hi Danie,

    We don't have an ETA yet. Our Web team is finishing off the rebuild of our Web App, while our iOS team is getting their rebuild under way now. Once our rebuilt Web App is live, the team will start working on introducing missing features bit by bit. Getting through everything will take a while, though, as the other teams have been quite busy during their rebuild :)

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