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Hi Test Pilots,

We're working on a new feature to give you some more control over your Accounts tab. It's called Account Grouping and will allow you to drag and drop your linked accounts into custom groups. You'll be able to name these groups and select from our awesome icons to identify them. Eventually, you'll even be able to upload your own icons. If you hate clutter, this should be right up your alley.

We've put together some advanced designs for how we envision this will look, but we'd appreciate your thoughts on them. Please remember that these designs may change based on the feedback we get in this thread and through other forms of customer testing.



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    Thanks to everyone for your support and taking the time to interact with us! There are quite a few things in the pipeline for community feedback, so we look forward to posting more ideas for your comments soon.


    There is a default grouping to get you going; it has a loose balance sheet style breakdown of assets and liabilities, but can be customised to your liking. At this stage, we're just looking at one level of grouping.


    We're introducing service provider icons for each account. The old account icons will be used for the groups for now and we will be adding a few new icons over time too. You can still choose which icon you like.


    You'll have the ability to select which accounts "count" towards your budget soon. That will help clear up some of those pesky uncategorised transactions that sneak in and give you more control. 

  • Looks good! May be a way to seperate my business and personal accounts. Does this affect the net value at the top?

  • This is a lovely feature, 

    To help people start using this perhaps suggest "recommended groups", or a "other people grouped these together" recommender type feature.

    A different coloured text for positive and negative (debt) balances would also be a potentially useful option once groups are established.

    Can't wait for this to go live!

  • Hi @Greg,

    All of your linked accounts contribute towards your net worth figure by default. But you can already filter accounts in and out of your net worth calculation if you want to. Simply select the Filter option at the top of the Accounts screen (or Options -> Filter on our mobile apps), then click the checkboxes next to the accounts you want to include in your net worth figure and hit Save.

    The introduction of Account Grouping will simply add another way to better organise your list of accounts. We'll still give you the option to filter accounts in and out of your net worth as you currently can via a separate process :)

    Shout if you have any other questions!

  • Looks good! I very much like this idea

  • Nice! Always a fan of introducing more order and removing clutter. How would the icons assigned to the group work?

    Looks like I'm typing a name, how would you infer whether this is loans needing the apple icon vs saving needing piggy bank?

    On some of my current accounts it doesn't get the icon right, which isn't a train smash, but would prefer the icon and grouping/account to match obviously.

  • This looks awesome!

    Will be super helpful to keep track of my millions of small savings accounts :)

  • Please can we have it now!

  • Vey cool!

  • Love it.

    My app looks like a christmas tree, I'm currently consolidating a few accounts to de-clutter, this will help a lot.



  • Anything that helps to put things in different perspectives is good. Sometimes you need to look at something from a different angle to analyse and plan appropriate steps.

    I think it could be great!

  • Nice, I was removing linked accounts as it was becoming too cluttered!

  • Love it

  • Hi 22seven team!

    I love this. Looking forward to using it.

    Would it be possible to toggle if some groups transactions are used in the budget? i.e. some of my investment accounts have a lot of small transactions (that I don't do) but it ends up with 400 uncategorised transactions which count as double spending in the budget (i.e. R1000 to investments (by EFT) and then another R1000 of transactions to distribute that same R1000). Perhaps I should just classify my transactions better.

  • This is awesome! I currently group my account using pre-fixes in the name :/ 

  • i love it

  • Good idea! So an account can only be assigned to one group? Makes sense that way otherwise one has to redefine your group

  • Hi guys, 

    Is it possible to extract an excel file showing all accounts transaction history? 

    I worked on a proof of concept similar to this at my previous company which does transaction processing. 

    The value add can enable a form of data analysis on all account inflows and outflows, which in turn can let the user build his/her own Macros in excel to establish valuable information which is user specific and preference driven. 

    All in all its a form of "White Label" data analysis tool for valuable account related queries. This can also assist with projecting investment goals and minimising a user's debt.    

    Let me know, keen to see if you guys can do it. :-) 

  • Hi @Tyrone,

    Your data belongs to you, so you can export it at any time via our Web App. Just visit the Transactions tab and click on the export button near the top of the screen. This will export all transactions visible under your current filters to a .csv file.

    You can customise which transactions you'd like to export by clicking on the advanced search button at the top right-hand side of the screen first, then applying the relevant filters. Once your list of transactions updates, click on the export button and only those transactions visible under your current filters will be exported.

    Let us know if anything is unclear ;)

  • Excellent!

  • This is great and long overdue.  Well Done

    ADDITIONALLY - will it be possible to manage automatic update of these accounts?  I do not need to update my investment accounts daily like my credit card and bank accounts.

    Many of these investment accounts have One Time Pins etc. that is very irritating to complete if you know there is no material update to the values.

    It will be grate if these accounts, per the grouping, can be labelled "manual update only" and one can decide when to update those accounts.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Hi @Danie,

    Only updating accounts at an 'account type' level (such as bank accounts but not investments) is tricky, because we run updates at an overall service provider level. Our data collector logs into your online banking profile, updates all of the accounts it finds there, then logs out. While some service providers only offer the likes of investments, others offer a range of account types, which is where it gets complicated.

    However, we hear you loud and clear about login notifications and OTP prompts and we're doing some thinking around how to improve account updates with the aim of putting some more power in your hands. We'd like to find a good balance between showing you relevant, up-to-date info in 22seven, but not spamming you with notifications in the process.

  • Very helpful feature!


  • Looks very cool! I vote Yay

  • Looks like a nice nifty feature.


    Thumbs up!

  • OMW. MUCH better!

  • It looks nice and will be helpful



  • I think it really looks good,

    but how would it handle the uncategorized transactions?

  • Hi @Kabelo,

    This feature will allow you to organise your accounts on the Accounts tab into groups. Uncategorised transactions are handled on the Budget and/or Transactions tab, so won't be affected by these changes.

  • Oh oright, then count me in,lol,stamp of approval from me :)

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