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Hi Guys,

Really enjoying the service at the moment. Great to gain insight into my accounts with little to no effort on my side.

One feature I would love to see if the ability to set budgets on categories. The app can then pop up an alert saying that I am approaching the budgeted amount. Much like data warnings on android phones.

Keep the new features coming :)



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  • Hi Robin

    Thanks for the awesome feedback. It's great that you're gaining useful insight into some of the money decisions you're making.

    You can set planned amounts on categories right now in the track view in your current Money Month on the web app. Simply type the amount you'd like to plan for in the 'average' field and you're good to go. You can find a step by step on how to do this in our FAQ section here: https://conversations.22seven.com/hc/en-us/articles/201734027-How-to-plan

    Once you've set planned amounts, they automatically carry over to the new Money Month so you don't have to set up your budget every month.

    The ability to set planned amounts is in the works for the Android app. For now, if you've set your planned amounts in the web app it will automatically filter through to the Android app.

    Thanks again for the feedback. Keep it coming :)

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