Ability to change the date of transactions


I would like the ability to change the date of transactions, or be able to assign a transaction to another month.

Example 1:
I buy something at the end of August, but I want to add it to September's budget.
Example 2:
My salary is paid at the beginning of the month, but sometimes I get paid at the beginning of the month as well as the end of the same month, because the month starts on a Saturday, so I have two incomes in August, but none in September.





  • I tend to agree with Abre that these "suggestions" will not get implemented ANYtime soon.

    Judging by the age of this thread alone, you can see that this topic has had very MANY people express interest in  adjusting your Money Month's start date. And you will find the same "suggestion" in multiple other threads as well. There is only ever one response to these "ideas" and that is "This is not currently in our development plan, but we have spoken about it many times and hope to bring this to the app soon..." ...4 YEARS LATER.

    There are just two extra features I have wanted in 22Seven since I tied to use it for the first time a few years ago:

    -Being able to assign each Money Month its own start date

    -Payments towards manual accounts reflect against that account and automatically alter the balance


    Lydon mentions the ethos of the company being to mirror bank statements as this is a "true reflection" of movement of money...

    It might very well be a "true reflection" but I would venture that this is most certainly not the most customer-centric approach.

    The 5 bullet points on the 22Seven landing page seem to deviate from this ethos slightly as I feel "Keeping track of my money more simply" would indeed actually do just that.

    My budgets are always out because of these features that should be standard but are missing. I find that I use the 22Seven app for a month or so and then I just get annoyed yet again that these features are still not here and I stop using the app again. This seems to happen almost every year (in the hopes that things have changed in the last year...) Never seems to be the case. Yet one reads so many responses from Svens in these threads mentioning "COOL" new features that they are currently working on being the cause that other features do not make it to the development plan... I am yet to see these cool features. Every year when I come back it is the same old app with very minor changes.


    Ultimately I feel 22Seven needs to evaluate where they are headed with this app and even the community feature.
    If your asking for feedback, use it... Or eliminate the community altogether.

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  • Hi Jacob,

    I'm sorry to hear you feel that way!

    Within the past month we've launched a major new feature, Goals, along with a new Money Market investment fund. We'll be adding new functionality to Goals over the coming weeks/months, and you can view what's coming over in our Test Pilot Community if you're interested.

    We've also kicked off the first phase of our Budget screen redesign, which is live at the moment (with more improvements on the way). Various other screens will also be getting some love in the near future. If you're keen to give feedback on these features, I'd suggest signing up for our Test Pilot community. We've reached out via the community a few times over the past two months and have received a ton of really helpful feedback related to Goals and Budget. This is something we plan to do for all major changes moving forward, so if you join the community, you'll hear from us soon. We're significantly ramping up the frequency of releases.

    Regarding the points previously discussed in this thread: we can certainly appreciate that it may be frustrating when a suggestion you feel particularly passionate about isn't implemented, or hasn't been implemented yet. Unfortunately, not all ideas or suggestions will become reality, but as Svens we share every bit of feedback with our Product team. We receive the vast majority of feedback via email, so our Product team has the tough job of sorting through all of the suggestions we pass on to them and prioritising them, while still making sure we continue to work towards our larger objectives (and keep the app running in its current form).

    22seven underwent some changes over the past year, but we have a clear and exciting roadmap now, so customers will finally become aware of those larger suggestions mentioned above. We can't wait to start sharing them with everyone.

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