What's coming for Goals

After good reception from our Test Pilot community, we've decided to release Goals in beta to all 22seven customers and continue to improve it over time.

We got some great feedback and ideas for improvements, so we thought we'd share what's on the roadmap for Goals moving forward:

  • We'll let you track goals against any of your linked accounts (not just investment accounts opened through 22seven)
  • We plan to let you move money between goals that are tied to the same investment account if you need to
  • We'll show goal-related transactions categorised against each goal in your budget, which should help you plan for your goals better
  • You'll be able to take inflation into account when estimating how much you need to contribute to your goal
  • Unique calculators and creation processes for different goal types that will give you more specific support for opening and reaching those individual goal types

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Test Pilot community for Goals. Your comments and ideas have been awesome, and directly informed the above roadmap. You’ve also helped us squash bugs and create a better customer experience.

If you haven't signed up to become a Test Pilot yet and you're keen to help us test all of the exciting features we have in the pipeline for 22seven, then head on over to our blog and join the mailing list.



  • Sounds great, Svens - you've clearly taken our feedback to heart!

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  • How do I link  goals to a non-22seven account that is already linked?

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  • Hi Thandekile,

    At the moment, you aren't able to tie your goals to linked accounts from other service providers. But you may have noticed in the post above by our Product Team, that we plan to introduce that feature in future. It's high up on our backlog and we're very excited to add this!

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