What happens when my accounts don't update?

If you get an error while linking an account to 22seven, or if you've already linked an account but there's a problem updating it, there's probably a technical reason why we couldn't refresh your stuff, and it's usually temporary.

You'll see a pop up asking you to 'Try Again'. If the problem persists after trying again, you can give us permission to fix the problem. 

If you do, we'll ask Yodlee to investigate (Yodlee is our information-gathering partner – they’re the ones with the technology that updates your accounts). They’ll need to run some tests on the account to figure out exactly what the problem is. If you get a bunch of login notifications, don’t worry – that’ll be Yodlee investigating the problem, and we assure you that nobody sees your login details at any time. Your info remains safe as always.

While it may take some time for them to investigate, we'll aim for as close to warp speed to fix it for you. 




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