App 'features' vs Website ... there needs to be coherence please!

Few experiences to share:-


So on the android app, I can create my own Merchant's and then use it to assign to my transactions. This then pulls through for future transactions too. 👍

On the web app, I can select those custom merchant's to assign to transactions but I can't create one? Why? 

(2) Same with cash accounts, I created them on Android App and can track cash spend using the app. Try to do the same via the web app - impossible ... It's been months (if not a year already) since cash accounts became a feature so why doesn't the web app support it ?

(3) Please allow us to nominate common merchant's so that you can do the necessary to add them as official merchant's with their logo etc. I think I know what you are using this data for on your backend and for other partners so giving us the opportunity to do this, would help us all (especially the OCD guy in me).

Popular merchants to add:-

  • Tidal Music
  • Communica
  • DHA (Department of Home Affairs, and other govt service)
  • Kaching (parking service) Admyt is there?
  • SignNow / DocuSign
  • Gibbs University
  • Disney+ (different to Disney?)


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  • Hi Manish,

    22seven originally launched as a Web App back in 2012. We released our iOS app not long thereafter, followed by our Android app. Since then, we’ve rewritten our Web and iOS apps one at a time (and also worked on 22seven lite and business). These projects took a while, so while they were under way, we continued to release features on our other platforms to ensure they didn’t remain stagnant. As a result, our platform parity isn’t where we’d like it to be, so you’ll notice certain features aren’t fully available on some platforms (or aren’t available on them at all). This is something we’re planning to address over the course of this year, so please keep an eye out for news!

    Regarding new merchants: our data team is constantly adding new merchants based on their popularity amongst our user base, but if you have any suggestions, you’re welcome to send them through to us via and we’ll forward them through to the relevant folk. We do this on behalf of users regularly. I’ve forwarded the list you posted above to our data team for their consideration :)

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