Handling a shared household account


My partner and I have a shared account (under my name) where we both transfer money into and then use it for groceries, take-outs etc. 

This currently shows up as an account on my profile and the transactions goes against my budget.  At the same time I'm only paying half of it.  What would be an elegant way to handle this?

1.  Ignore the account and just work with Household as a single budget item with transfers going to it?
2. Marking all transactions under this account under a common header and dealing with the transfers coming in?
3. Have some way to categorize the account as something separate?
4. Some other way I've not thought of?

Feedback/assistance appreciated.



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  • Hi Francois,

    A potential solution would be to split each of the transactions on that account into two parts. You can categorise the first split as you normally would, since you're covering that half of the expense, then you can categorise the second split as a Transfer so that it doesn't contribute towards your spend (transactions in the Transfer spending group don't count towards your income and expenditure). This will allow you to track half of each transaction against your budget amounts.

    I hope this helps? Shout if you have any other questions :)

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