Transaction Tags

This was requested back in 2014, but I'd like to revitalize the request.

Being able to use custom tags to transactions would be really helpful. As there's many transactions that I'd like to categorize one way, but still be searchable through multiple other ways.

It would be a very easy concept to implement technically, and would add massive value to the platform.

Since the request was mainly ignored in the past, if the dev team feel it's not worth their time, I'd be more than happy to implement this for you as a free consultant. I just want the feature.



  • Hi Marthinus,

    You can use 22seven's "notes" feature to tag transactions. Transaction notes are searchable, so all you need to do is enter your tag/keyword into the notes section of a transaction, following which it will appear in the search results when entering that same tag/keyword into the search box on the Transactions screen.

    Shout if you have any other questions.

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  • I'm aware of the notes feature, but a proper tag system, also with visual feedback and the same auto-categorising feature (or auto-tagging in this case), is still far more useful than searchable notes.

    The offer stands if the dev team still doesn't feel this is worth their while

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  • Thanks Marthinus. Decisions like this are made by our Product team and there are lots factors for us to consider. While this isn't on our roadmap for the near future, I'll share your comments with them in the event that it's something they'd like to explore further :)

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