Allow cash inflows to be categorized as Day-to-Day

By illustration, I buy "Clothing: Day-to-Day". Then I return the clothes.

Now I need to choose "Clothing: Income" or "Clothing: Transfer"; neither of which is a good reflection of reality.

One could argue that the transaction is a Transfer of sorts but there's a good reason not to do this: The sum of Transfers across all transactions should be zero-sum. This is a valuable sanity check. Unfortunately, as it is, the workaround more-or-less guarantees that the sum of Transfers across all transactions will almost definitely not be zero unless you happen to have had no returns for the entire period, which is extremely unlikely on a long enough timeline.



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  • Hi Eric,

    Thanks for reaching out :)

    You aren't able to categorise expenses into the income spending group, or categorise income into expense spending groups, as we aim to mirror your bank statement as closely as possible.

    However, you can use the Transfer spending group to effectively net transactions off against one another. In this case, you'd need to categorise both the original expense transaction (purchase of clothing in this case) and the refund transaction (which will appear as income in 22seven) into the Transfer spending group. If you didn't return the full value of the original expense transaction, you can use 22seven's splitting feature to split the transaction into the refunded portion and the remaining portion, then categorise the refunded portion into the Transfer spending group.

    I hope this helps! Shout if you have any other questions.

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