Add a Tax Category property to a Category

When creating a Category, a user selects a label, which is very easy to use. It would be great if each Category could be assigned a Tax category.

It would be awesome to be able to export data by Tax Category to assist with compiling a tax returns such that, for instance,

- Salary & Wages: Taxable Incomes
- Groceries: Non-taxable Expenses
- Rental Income: Taxable Incomes
- Rental Maintenance: Taxable Expenses

I hope you are convinced by my amazing air-tight logic.



  • Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the suggestion! I've passed it on to the rest of the team for consideration :)

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  • YES!!! I cam here to post a similar request. 

    There are in flows that can only be marked as an income as they are not transfers from other accounts, I have a rather out there use case but a friend in the states transferred monies to my account to purchase something here for his folks. its not a transfer it is an income but not a taxable income.

    In addition things like refunds/reversals etc are income but not taxable income 

    Hope my amazing air-tight logic also convinces the Svens 

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  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Awesome stuff, I've taken the liberty to share your post with our product team to review as well:-)

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