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The mobile app has a great feature in which you can group your accounts under different categories. I find this extremely useful for seeing at a glance what my total cash flow is - for instance, I've grouped all of my transactional accounts together with my credit card and my manual 'cash' account, so that I always know exactly how much money/debt I have when comparing my normal accounts with my credit card. 

But the desktop site doesn't have this feature... The accounts are all laid out individually, and the order I place them in doesn't seem to 'stick', either. Is this feature still coming? :) 



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  • Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    This feature is currently only available on the Android app, however, this feature is indeed also coming to the iOS mobile app and the Web app in the future. There is no hard ETA at this point in time, but we'll be sure to make a big noise about it when the time comes :)

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