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Am I able to edit categories I've added?

I've added some custom categories, which is great, but now I'd like to rename some of them or even delete them to declutter.
Is this possible?



  • Hi Nicol,

    To Manage/edit your customer categories, when on the Budget page, you can click on 'Manage own categories', located just above your Spending Groups.

    I hope this helps :)

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  • Hi, I was just about to ask this question.

    I've looked everywhere on the budget page and I can't see the ''Manage own catergories"

    I have: Expand Catergories, Your Own Categories and Add a categorie.

    Would apprecaite being pointed in the right direction.

    Many thanks, 




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  • Hi Mariko,

    Thanks for getting in touch :)

    It's possible that the wording was slightly different at the time this post was originally made. "Your own categories" is what you are looking for.

    Have a super day and shout if we can help with anything else!

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