Too Buggy

I love the app largely because of the potential and because it automatically consolidates all my statements, but my usage experience is sadly clouded by some bugs and basic gaps that cause a lot of frustration: eg

  • Categorised Standard Bank transactions are often overwritten which is an utter waste of time (I understand Standard Bank does not make this easy for you, but you can and need to solve the problem - this has been issue since I started using 22seven and I have made several suggestions about how you could mitigate the Standard Bank statement import issues)
  • If I multiple select and edit transactions, the selection is lost half-way through the editing and I have to start all over again
  • the automatic categorisation of regular transactions is often incorrect even for transactions that are completely unambiguous and has been categorised multiple times before
  • Advanced Search does not work properly
  • there is no concept of a 'payee' or way of automatically renaming transactions so that they can easily grouped and found (eg 'PnP Bb433 ds2423' to 'PnPay')
  • there is no way of manually marking a transaction as 'unseen' once you have looked at it
  • there is no concept of a manual transaction that can be captured by the user

The platform has so much promise! I would rather pay for a properly serviced app than end up frustrated because users of 'free' services just need to accept the deficiencies because  'beggars can't be choosers'!




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