22seven unable to log in to my account since I changed my banking password and PIN

Hi folks. I am trying to report my issue here since I have been working through your e-mail support since the 15th of July and the issue is not yet resolved.

I changed my banking password and PIN, a standard security practice, and since then every time I try and enter the new credentials into 22seven, I immediately get the following error message: "Hmm. Something went wrong while trying to update your login details. Please try again later."

Unfortunately the only response I get consistently from support, is to try and enter my banking credentials again, turn on Show Password, and double check that I am typing in my login credentials correctly. I am copying and pasting from my password manager, and when I paste into my bank's login form, I log in successfully, but when I try to update my credentials on 22seven, it fails with the error "Hmm. Something went wrong while trying to update your login details. Please try again later."

I get the same result if I try via your app on my iPad, via Chrome, or Firefox. I have screen shots from Chrome dev tools showing the JSON going to your api (I blurred out the actual credentials) and I have verified that all my login details are correct in that request. The server returns status code 500 - ie internal server error, not a 40x error which is typically the response for an authentication error.

I expressed my frustration with the support agent 5 days ago that she does not believe I am entering the correct credentials, and over and over the responses I've received just seem to be "try again, and check carefully." I don't want to be an angry and frustrated ex-user but I am very nearly at that point. No response.

Is there someone who can help me. I can provide detailed debug info but an experienced developer needs to have a look at this problem please.



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  • Hi Douglas,

    Thanks so much for reaching out. So sorry for the inconvenience caused here. We've got our Core wizards looking in this on high priority.

    We'll be in touch via email as soon as we have feedback for you.

    Apologies again.



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