Full Control - Manual Transactions and Custom Categories

Good day, I hope this app is still in active development?

I have some thoughts. I come from YNAB, so bare with me.

You should have a cash account always. And ATM withdrawal should be a transfer to your CASH account. You then need the ability to add manual transactions. 

Manual transactions should also be available for any other accounts with the ability to reconcile with the bank imports. This way you are in actual control of your spending instead of just passively monitoring your outflows.

Right now the app is anchored to the nudges, which greatly diminishes users ability to actually have full control of their budget and spending. Nudges I find don't add real value. This app would've been excellent, but right now its just a great net worth tracker, but a very poor budgeting tool compared to other apps such as YNAB. 

Here in YNAB mobile app are my OWN top level categories: Each with the amount left for the month and the ability to add a manual transaction from any account:


Here I can add a simple cash transaction:

Here are my sub categories in their desktop or web view:

Here are my top level categories: 

Please consider working in Nudges somewhere else... Right now it's not useful and prohibits the user from actually using the app as a zero based budgeting app.



  • Here are budgetwise.io's way of easily adding your own transactions and categories on mobile. 

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  • Hi Wouter,


    Thanks for the feedback, it's very much appreciated. I will surely forward this feedback to our Product design team to add your voice to the conversation.

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  • The concept of cash account with manual transaction logging using the categories defined in the app is critical for budget management.

    I used MSmoney for over 18 years and no software , today , still comes close to doing what it could do. I can't fully switch to 22seven because it doesn't allow me track cash transactions. With MsMoney, for example, I knew that I spent a grand total of 3267.00 in parking in three years. I don't use paid parking anymore where I can help it. Those small things add up. Please consider this.

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  • Hi Manish,

    Thanks so much for your input!

    Manual budgeting is something that gets requested fairly often. It is sitting in the 22seven pipeline and will hopefully be available in the not-so-distant future.

    Unfortunately, it is quite a large feature to build and we are not able to prioritise it currently but please do watch this space and shout if you have anything more to add ;)

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  • Hi Manish

    Yes, MSmoney was great - but it's big competition Quicken is much better. And it is still under development, unlike MSmoney, which Microsoft killed years ago. Reckon is the Australian fork of Quicken, which is what I use while I wait for more features to be added to 22seven. Unfortunately in South Africa you can't sync any online accounts automatically in Reckon so it's an entirely manual process every month.

    Your complaint is regarding cash transactions. And your post is a year old so is this still a problem for you?

    I created an Account Group called "Cash" in 22seven and I moved my cash (purse and wallet) accounts into that group. I then capture all my cash transactions (coins and notes from my wallet) into there. Unfortunately the Android app doesn't seem to allow split transactions to be captured this way, which is a big problem for me. But I'm looking for a way to get around that.

    That's how I track my cash expenses from my wallet. The main advantage is that it shows you just how much spending those coins and notes here and there actually adds up to a lot of money at the end of the month.

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