Nudges don't work with inter account transfer

Every month I use my credit card for purchases to maximise credit card rewards. 

So when I get paid, I pay off the credit card with a transfer from my cheque account. 

Now this is marked as a payment, and subsequently all nudges are impacted. Not a single Nudge is even within a ballpark of being correct. Essentially every payment is now duplicated.

May be something worth looking into. 



  • Hi Wouter,

    Do your credit card payments contribute towards your spend and inflate your Nudges? If so, please feel free to categorise those transactions into the Transfer spending group. Transactions in that spending group don't contribute towards your income/spend. You'll want to do this for the expenditure transaction as well as the income transaction on your credit card to negate the two :)

    I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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  • Alright, that fixed the issue, thank you :)

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