Mr F Basson

Hi there. I would like to know why transaction updates takes sometimes more than a day on the app?

I try to update every day and most of the transactions are delayed....therefore I do not have a live picture when I shop for groceries and want to glance at available budget for groceries?

Is it because settlements between banks take long(+-3 days) or what is the reason??



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  • Hi Francois,

    It sounds like pending transactions are to blame here. Unfortunately, we're unable to display those in 22seven.

    Often, transactions take a few days to clear with your bank, following which they're visible to our secure data collector and we're able to display them on your 22seven profile. Your account balance, on the other hand, usually updates immediately on your bank's side, which is why we're able to display the correct balance in 22seven.

    So sorry for the inconvenience! If you notice that transactions are taking abnormally long to import to 22seven, please let us know as there may be something wrong under the hood. We'd be happy to look into that for you :)

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