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An update (December 11, 2018):

Hi Test Pilots,

Since we last spoke, we've decided to go with a PDF data collection method as a first stab at getting insurance up and running in 22seven, so at the moment we don't need you to share your actual account login details with us.

But what we are very interested in is the PDF policy documents you would have received from your insurance providers when you signed up with them. Would you be willing to share those with us?

If so, please give us a thumbs up in this thread and we'll be in touch with an email soon. If you're a Sanlam policy holder, we'd be very keen to chat!



September 27, 2018

Hi Test Pilots,

Part of 22Seven’s service relies on us automatically collecting data from bank accounts, credit cards, retail store cards, home loans etc. to provide customers with useful insights into their money habits. Now, we're looking at doing the same for major insurance providers.

In order to get this data, we rely on a small group of allies and advocates - 'Soulmates' - who allow us to physically access their online profiles to develop support for their service providers.

What it means to be a Soulmate is:

  • You share your login details to your account with us so that we can manually log in and test your insurance account in order to develop support for your insurance provider. Your login information will be encrypted in a secure environment.
  • We gain read-only access to your account – its impossible to do any transactions or change anything on the account.
  • Our analysts will be checking your account regularly while building support, then they may check in on an ad hoc basis to sort out any issues that crop up.
  • If you share banking details with us and you get email/SMS login notifications from your provider, you’ll receive irregular and (potentially) frequent notifications - at least once we first start building support.
  • You can end this arrangement at any time by letting us know.

If you're keen to help get insurance up and running in 22seven, and have an online profile with one of these insurance providers, please let us know in the comments below. We'll get in touch with more info:

  • Liberty
  • Sanlam
  • Old Mutual
  • Outsurance*
  • Santam*
  • MiWay*
  • Hollard*

* We're also keen to get get our hands on a few PDF statements for these providers in particular. If you have an account with one of these providers and are keen to share your PDF statement in addition to your login details, or just a PDF statement, that would also be of huge help to us.

As always, thanks for your support in making 22seven more legendary!



  • For sure, I'm keen

  • Good afternoon Team,

    Thank you for the amazing work you guys do, I will be happy to help out, Its the least I can do :)

    Have a great day 

  • I'd be happy to help but although I'm with Outsurance I'm not sure that I have login info...?

    Sad that Momentum isn't on this list.

  • I'm all for it I have insurance with Old Mutual but what about other providers

  • Hey Team

    Is this for car, home & valuables insurance only or do you also include life insurance?

  • Hi guys,

    I am happy to be a soulmate. I have accounts with several of the mentioned service providers.


  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for throwing your names in the hat! We really appreciate it.

    We'll be in touch via email with more info soon.

    In the mean time, please bear in mind that these are just a sample of the insurance providers we're looking at supporting. These are the providers we don't have Soulmates for yet. There are other providers that aren't on the list, which we already have test accounts for :)

  • Is this for Short term or life insurance? I can share life insurance PDF's for one of the companies above.


  • Hi Hugo,

    We're looking at supporting multiple types of insurances accounts, so that would definitely be of great help to us :)

    We'll send you an email soon and we can take it from there.

  • I have an funeral cover with Liberty though I am fishing for cheaper rates also a comprehensive cover with Alexander Forbes would like to be a soulmate

  • Hi,

    My question, is why?

    What is the idea behind this?

    Is it just to sell our data to insurance companies? So that they can do price fixing and ensure that we can't pay less for our insurance?

    Less competition, or more specifically price fixing is bad for us in the end. It makes us all a bit poorer. The poorer we are the less we help others. The less we help others the more people are in trouble. The more people that are in trouble, the more crime increases.  The more crime increases the more you worry about your own safety and your family's safety.

    So, in the end trying to make more money by disadvantaging the users in favour of the corporates, in the end, might make you rich in the short term. But the real long term effect is that it causes those same people to eventually leave the country with their family's, leaving the rest of us in the mess that was created in the first place.

    Anyway, that's just my thinking and theory on this comparison thing:
    In the end, we don't get better insurance prices by submitting our policies to comparison sites for "quotes". Because they are just used to make sure they don't undercharge and to see what you are willing and able to pay, and is not used for your advantage. Basically they would all love to collude and offer a price that they want to charge, maximising profit of course.


  • Hi David,

    Thanks for sharing your concerns. We'd like to lay them to rest ;)

    22seven doesn't sell or share your data with any third parties - not even Old Mutual themselves. Feel free to have a read over our Privacy Policy, which outlines our promise in more detail.

    To answer your question as to why: the ability to link insurance accounts to 22seven is a request we receive often. Until now, it's been a major gap in the types of accounts we support, so we'd like to change that.

    The idea behind 22seven is to see all of your money in one place, so adding support for insurance would allow us to display your remaining medical savings for the year right in 22seven, for example. In cases where it doesn't make sense to display an account balance, it would allow us to do other cool things like indicate whether you're covered for certain events that may have a devastating effect on your finances.

    I hope this answers your question? Shout if you have any more.


  • Hi Guys!

    I would love to be part of the pilot and improve the great product that is 22seven. 

    (PS: Keep the witty puns and comments coming).


  • I'd be willing to assist but I only have products with PPS. 

  • Hi
    I would be happy to assist

  • If you're still looking then I'd be happy to assist. 
    Currently have short term with Santam. 

  • Happy to help, I have Old Mutual insurance.

  • Interested. Outsurance (and FNB Insurance, FMI etc.)

  • Is there going to be support for Momentum at any point?

  • Would be happy to help if needed.



  • I'm willing to share my OUTSurance policy

  • Happy to help. I have Discovery and MiWay insurance.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for offering to help us out! We really appreciate it.

    We'll reach out to you via email with a bit more detail shortly ;)

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