Visualisations - Is this still available?

I use to love the visualization tools but can’t seem to find the functionality anymore? I know the nett worth graph is available but i would like to compare budgets over the last 6 - 12 months , overall as well as per main category. I used this to get a better understanding of my day to day, recurring and exception expenses.

Can someone please tell me if the old “Visualisations” tab/functionality is still available bur perhaps hidden somewhere?




  • Hi Cobus,


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    We've removed the Visualisations tab from our website. It was in beta for quite some time and wasn't getting the level of use we had initially hoped.

    We're currently in the progress of working on some updates to the app and moving forward, we plan to integrate various graphs and visualisations with other tabs in the app to ensure a more seamless experience. 


    This will also allow us to bring these graphs and visualisations to our mobile apps (with Visualisations previously only available on our Web App).

    With that having been said, we'd be very interested to hear what you used Visualisations for. Ideally, we'd like to take the most popular uses and translate that into new functionality within other parts of the app. 



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  • Hi Phumza,

    Thank you for the quick response!

    The visualization I used the most was a month by month comparison of my total spend split into Daily, Recurring, Investments and Exceptions.  This helped me to get a better understanding of how stable the recurring and investment expenses are, how the daily expenses changes month by month and how volatile the exception expenses are.  I used this feature to delve deeper into the previous months' expenses to try and understand why my exceptions are so high and to refine my budget going forward.  I also used this visualization as the basis of my decision to buy myself a car and later on to move into a bigger apartment because I could "see" that I have the finance available if the years going forward have relatively the same split in expenses.  At this point in time there is no way to get an overall comparison between past budgets...

    This visualization also came in handy if I wanted to delve deeper into specific categories combined like Groceries and Eating Out & Take-Away.  By selecting both categories in the visualization I could see that in the months I ate out more I bought less groceries or the other way around.

    Hope to see some form of this visualization back soon!

    Kind Regards 

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