Workaround for R350 minimum

The R350 minimum is quite a nuisance for me. I have many small goals with amounts as little as R50. So currently I have to resort to configuring a scheduled transfer to an FNB 32-day Savings accounts. It's quite a pain.

I understand you guys are working with your partner to allow for smaller investment amounts. For the time being, perhaps you guys could implement a workaround by allowing the user to split goal contribution amounts.

Meaning, as a user I want to create multiple goals simultaneously each with an amount that combined adds up to the minimum R350.


Car license = R50 pm

Tyres = R50pm

Bed = R50 pm

Holiday = R200 pm

TOTAL = R350


This way the user can create smaller goals, but on your side it is combined so you are still generating a request that complies with R350 minimum.


Also, keep up the fantastic work! I'd be broke without you.



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  • Hi Scrooge,

    Awesome suggestion! As you already know Goals is in Beta so we're always looking at ways to enhance this experience. I've shared your post with our Product Design team to review, and hopefully implement soon :)

    Have a fantastic day ahead!

    All the best,

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