Please move back to paid service - This app has become USELESS.

I started using 22seven back when it was a paid service ... when everything used to work.

Support used to be excellent and the app was less buggy.

Currently the state of the app is poor and I haven't been able to use it for the past few months. My account is only partially updating - I'm not able to see all my transactions even though my balance reflects - that is, if I get to update my account, which fails all the time.

Today, on the web app, I'm unable to login. Login screen comes up, and it does some thinking and then goes back to the login screen. 

When I eventually got logged in, its now showing a screen to link an account, as if all my data is gone/missing.

Support team is useless, they keep copying/pasting the same support messages even though I've clearly specified my issues. And when I finally do get a "human" response, the only answer they have is "please re-link your account". Which works ... for that one session, only it gets stuck the next day.

As a user I don't feel that I have the right to complain, because its a "free" service. But as it stands, I'd rather pay for this service so that I can have a working app. 



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  • Hi Leroux,

    Thanks for the honest feedback. We hear you and know we have to do better.

    22seven’s experienced high growth recently, so our servers and Svens are struggling to cope with the increased demand. We’re in the process of bringing more capacity online and training up some new Svens, so things should start to return to normal over the next short while and you’ll see some new faces when you log a support ticket.

    Regarding the problem with your accounts: our data partners deployed a fix for the general issue this morning. When you’re able to log into the app again, please test running an update on your accounts and let us know if they’re working as expected or still give you trouble. The process of changing your login credentials was an interim fix we’ve been advising customers to use while our data partners investigated the underlying cause of the issue and prepared a fix. If you don’t come right after doing this, please do let us know, as we’re waiting for feedback from customers who have been asked to test the fix.

    Thanks again for bearing with us and sharing your concerns.

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