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TL;DR suggestions: Override function to allow splitting or annotating pending transactions . OCR feature for adding till slips via photo (something like that old app Lemon used to do) for easier splitting and itemising. First let me say I've only been using the app for one day and I'm loving it. I have all my transactions categorized and for the first time in my life I have a basic budget. Now, for us plebs who live month to month, being able to track daily spending in detail would be really useful. Here's what just happened: It's pay day so I went to pick n pay on my way home from work. I bought some ingredients for supper, a lunch bar, and a pack of smokes. I paid with my card. I would usually just toss the receipt and try not to think about how irresponsible I had just been. But this is the new me! I have a budget now! So I get home and update my accounts in the app, and there's the transaction. Great, I'm about to split it, thinking maybe I can create a new category for the unhealthy and expensive things I would really like to buy less of... But the transaction is pending so I can't split it, or even add a note to remind myself how much Pall Malls cost now. I decide to be strong and not just toss and forget the slip, however much I want to. I snap a pic of it into Google Keep, which automatically pulls the text off it for me. Then I remember that janky old app Lemon. Images of failed budgets past flash before my eyes. I resolve to keep at it this time, even if I have to track my itemised shopping in a separate app. I really wish I didn't have to though. 22seven is really great and I'd do it all in this app if I could.


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  • Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    For pending transactions: the reason we don't allow you to make changes to these transactions is because they have the habit of "changing" when they move from a pending to cleared state. When this happens, the pending transaction is deleted from our database and a new copy of the cleared transaction is logged. Some providers make small changes to the transaction amount (to round it up/down), many change the transaction description slightly and even the date. We don't want a situation where you lose things like your splits when the pending transaction is deleted, so we're looking at ways to reliably match pending transactions to cleared transactions so you're able to make changes to them while they're still in a pending state. Please keep an eye out in future :)

    I'll be sure to share your comments about grocery budgeting with the rest of the team. In the meantime, if you do want to keep a record of your till slip and "link" it to a transaction in 22seven, we suggesting taking a photo of it and uploading it to the cloud, then pasting the link to the photo in your transaction's notes. This is handy for keeping slips for guarantee/warranty purposes or if you want a photographic record of the items you purchased :)

    Shout if you have any other questions!

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