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Hi guys,

Firstly let me say I love the app, it is super useful and convenient and has helped me get a real grasp on my financials.

I'm a self-employed freelancer. This is the driving force behind my feature ideas / requests.

With the latest update, there are two bars that show: 'Your budget left this month" (a grey bar) and below it "Spent this month" (the multi-colored bar). I don't find this particularly useful as visually it's the same information, as far as I can tell. It would make more sense to have the multicolored bar and the number read "x/total budget" on the right. I just don't see the need for both bars.

Then, in the multi-colored bar, it would be great to include the green 'income' in some way or another. So if I have made more money that I have received so far, that green bar extends out from behind the expense categories and I can see how much left of my budget, how much I've earned of that budget, and how much I've spent. 

Finally, tax is a bit of a thing for me as I'm a provisional taxpayer. Subtracting a percentage of my income every time I receive a payment is tedious (and painful!). A feature that would be amazing would be if I could set a percentage of my income that I'd like to set aside for tax, and then at a designated date of the month the app would see that I've had x amount come in as the income category, and automatically debit my account that amount into either a savings account or an Old Mutual Unit Trust - my "tax account". 

Keep on keeping on!



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  • Hi Declan,

    Thanks for the extensive (and kind) feedback.The Budget is still very much a work-in-progress, so hopefully we can find a solution that will address some of the issues you've raised.

    If you have any more feedback, you are always welcome to post here again or contact us directly at

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