Accessing our test versions

Our new feature is the ability to create financial goals. If you’re a part of our Test Pilot community, you can get immediate access to Goals.

Here's how to access our test version:

For this round of testing, you can access our test versions via our Web App (website) or Android app.

If you'd like to test via our Web App, please go to and log in with the email address and password you usually use to access 22seven.

Once you've logged in, simply select "Goals" in the left-hand menu bar and you're good to go. Feel free to share the link with your friends and family too.

If you'd like to test via our Android app, please send an email through to and we'll be in touch with an invite to our beta app.

Testing Goals:

You can get started right away if you want to be involved. This test won't create real investment instructions, so feel free to go wild and let us know what you think.

Our testing periods last for around 2 weeks. After each testing period, the beta website will be closed.

If you have any questions regarding Goals or our Test Pilot community, you're welcome to create a new topic right here in this forum section. Otherwise, you can get a hold of our Svens at



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    Hi Shaun, at this point the iOS test version is still being worked on and may be coming soon. We've been focusing on some issues with the iOS app, but rest assured Goals will be available on iOS at release. 

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  • Awesome new feature Guys.  If it's that easy to start an investment/ savings goal in the live release, it'll be a winner!

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  • I'm guessing there is no iOS App Beta then?

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  • Hi @22seven Product Team that's good to know.


    I have Test Flight already setup if you need any specific iOS testing.

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  • Fantastic Shaun! We'll let you know.

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  • Hi Svens,


    Sorry if I'm commenting on things that you're aware of anyway, but here are some bugs and/or proposals:

      There is no "Back" button on the page where you choose taxable or non-taxable

      That same page delivers the same information (pros and cons) for either option - I believe each should have their own?

      An option to change the monthly contribution should be given earlier, with a feedback that shows how this will impact my likely return sum.

      On the "Goal Plan" page, consider a slider bar for dates and/or values - might be more user-friendly?

      Overall, a "portfolio" or "overview" page/block can maybe show me how much monthly surplus/deficit I had in an account/portfolio of accounts. This gives me an idea on whether or not I can actually make the monthly contribution - almost like a Nudge of sorts... Similarly, it would be cool if I could use a wizard to change my current budget values in expense groups until I've scraped together marginal savings that add up to my goal amount. I could even track against this for a month or two before activating my investment - to show myself I can and to build up a nice "kickstart amount".

    Anyway, I liked the general look and feel and if you guys continue to up the game you could make a real impact! 

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  • Thanks for the kind words and feedback Hanno. We will definitely include a view of your account values when selecting them as part of the update to Goals for allowing customers to track goals on other accounts. We're not planning a wizard for managing your budget impact just yet, but it's a fantastic idea and we'll explore that as part of making goal transactions categorisable in your budget. 

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