Get going with Goals

We believe that money shouldn't limit your life, especially when the right planning can liberate you. So, we’ve reimagined our approach to investing to help make your financial goals easier to achieve.

Our new Goals feature is intended to help you shape your financial future in the easiest, simplest way possible.

What to expect from Goals

It's important to keep your savings and investments separate and protected from your month-to-month spending.

Not only will our Goals feature help keep your savings and investments in safe 'envelopes', it will also help you decide which savings or investment account you should keep your money in.

You'll eventually be able to link any bank account with your chosen goal, so that you can continually contribute towards it and track your progress.

We've come up with special goal types that will help you decide where to save or invest your money, but we want to to continue to build upon our new solution for saving and investing. This includes adding more savings and investment products and different goal types.

We already offer Old Mutual unit-trusts for long-term goals, but we're also going to be adding a new Money Market fund for your short-term goals. This low-risk option will give you a better interest rate than a standard bank account and allow you to access your funds quickly.

One small thing though...

Remember that Goals is still under development. Your tests won't create real investments and debit orders. So go wild and let us know what you think. But bear in mind that there may be some missing features, placeholder designs, out of place copy, unexpected bugs, or general usability issues. We'll be working hard to eliminate such unpleasantries though.

In order to provide the best possible experience, we'd love to understand what it is you want and need from this exciting new feature. We want to hear what you have to say!

If you have any feedback, criticisms, or compliments when using Goals, we invite you get in touch with us directly.

Please feel free to start a discussion right here in this forum section or contact the Svens at



  • I really liked the pros/cons screen when deciding between using a TFSA or taxable investment.

    Really nicely done.

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  • Hey Lyle, you'll be able to track goal progress on linked and manual accounts in 22seven soon. We're also adding a debt paydown goal type that will help you get rid of your debt even faster!

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  • I agree we need saving and investment goals . For investment you need to have a range of options and not just 3 unit trusts . I would love to have a genuine offshore a/c where the investment is totally offshore not where you have a south african unit trust and dividends are paid in repatriated and paid in rands

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