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On the budget screen I can request an excel export which shows that month's breakdown of expenses. This is nice.

However, I want to see a breakdown of this for each of the last 12 months. i.e. How has groceries category changed over the last year. Is it similar each month or does it vary etc. Is it seasonal etc.

How can I get this export for a specific period (i.e. the last 12 months) so that i see the breakdown for all months on one excel sheet?

Surely I don't need to do 12 exports from the budget screen and then paste the info into one excel sheet?





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  • Hi Pierre,

    Thanks for the feedback. Sadly, you are only able to export your raw transaction data into a .csv file. You cannot export your Budget. The only thing we could suggest is to print your Budget screen, view the detailed category screen or use the advanced transaction filters to get the information that you want.

    The Visualisations space on the web-app may also be of assistance to you.

    I'll be happy to pass on your feedback regarding this. Developing more robust reporting features is definitely on our road-map.

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