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Hi guys,

Firstly I do want to say that I love the new budget notification feature. The app just improves as time goes by and becomes more and more useful and innovative.

I would just like the opportunity to add a suggestion to this feature. It would be really useful if the budget notification was based on a percentage and not the total amount spent. So I could say "notify me when (my eating and takeouts budget for example) gets to 80% of total budget amount" instead of just exceeding the budget then get a notification. This I think would be really useful for the average person as I would get the notification before I actually exceed my budget, which in turn could help me save more money. I would have to set the % that I want but if it could be "settable" field that would be awesome.

There is a similar post here: https://conversations.22seven.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/206936097-Percentage-of-planned-budget-notification 

Thank so much for the good work and awesome app.



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  • Hi Conrad,

    Thanks for getting in touch :)

    Currently, you'll get notifications when you are at 50% of your budget limit to state you're half way there, 80% to say that you're nearing your budget, as well as 100% to let you know that you've exceeded your budget allocation for the month.

    I'll be sure to pass your suggestion for the ability to set custom thresholds on to our Product Design team!

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