Create attachments for transactions

I'd like to be able to attach the scanned / photo copies of the payslips to the transaction I'm busy editing now.

In simple words, I'd like 22seven to become a repository, where the slips and receipts are easily searchable and downloadable. 

So, if the taxman wants all the receipts for all my visit to GP, I will give it to him. If my employer wants the petrol bill for the business trip I had 2 month back, I'll provide it. Etc.




  • Hi Artem,

    We love this idea!

    I've sent your post on to our Product Design team to review and hopefully implement:) No promises on ETA at this stage though.

    Have a great day ahead and please keep your ideas coming!

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  • I second this idea. I am already trying to find a free app to do this - but to do it in 22 7 itself will be way better - it will also "force" me to go into the 22 7 app more frequently as opposed to once a month.

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  • Hi Avi,

    We recently introduced notes for transactions. If you are storing your photos in the cloud and have access to the image URL, you are able to put the image URL in the notes section of a transaction as a workaround. I know this is cumbersome, but it's a start.

    I'll add your request to the backlog, as we do keep track of requests from customers and would love to introduce this in 22seven.

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