Average in Spending Plan wrong/incorrect

On the Spending Plan page, when I open a category the average shown is very wrong, measuring about a third of what it should be.

It looks like it's measuring the last 4 months and just visually it looks incorrect (I've taken a screenshot but removed the actual value shown) http://imgur.com/a/j7tnV

Please can you investigate and correct? I'm happy to share more details with you directly.



  • Ok, it's not that the average is incorrect. It's that the graph uses absolute values (i.e. doesn't distinguish between positive and negative amounts). While all other amounts are negative, the Jul '16 amount is actually positive, throwing the average amount but you can't tell from looking at the graph in the original post.

    I don't know know why this one amount is being reflected as positive and I will investigate but it indicates a problem with the graphing that 22seven is using.

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  • Hi Andre,

    Thanks so much for reporting this. I've just sent you an email. This would definitely be related to the incorrect interpretation of the values we're displaying for those transactions in 22seven.

    Looking forward to getting this resolved for you :)

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