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The idea is to allow the exclusion of certain accounts from the calculation of your net worth. I like tracking my long-term investments, however, when I look at my net worth I'd like to think of it as money I have available NOW. An alternative would be to have a separate stat for available finances.



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  • Hi Johan,

    Thanks for posting your question here. I am not quite sure if the options we have available for you right now are helpful to you, but if not, maybe you could elaborate on your suggestion a bit more?

    Option 1 - You can filter accounts from the Net Value display in order to track only specific accounts from your Accounts page. This can be done across all platforms (web, Android and iOS).

    Option 2 - (web only) You can create a custom Visualisation that tracks only your investment accounts. You can also add other filters to these particular graphs in order to give you the insight you require.

    Do either of these cover your needs? If not, can you perhaps give us an idea of how we could improve the experience for you?

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