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 So one of the things many people do not really know is what their income is per hour/day other than what their salary is. It would be great if you could show this info as then you could see that e.g. your recurring cost (the cost of living genrally minus consumables) is costing you X, day to day is costing you Y, investments is Z but your income is only A.

Why this would be cool? if you really want to drive home the idea that spend patterns are out of hand, splitting income down to a per day view as well as expenses shows how much things are costing. so when getting that coffee or lunch, u can then go.. well my cost of living already equals my income so where is that coffee going to be paid from?



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  • Hi Kashif,

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    We do have a Nudge that does this calculation for you, so keep an eye out for this. I do agree that it would be cool to see this number more frequently to drive and influence spending patterns, so thanks again for taking the time to get in touch.

    I'm sharing this idea with the team.

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