ROI Calculations on 3rd Party Investment Portfolios

It is only useful to me to have my portfolio linked to 22 seven if I can see:

1. The total annualized return on my investment (calculated using contribution values - from transaction history - and current value). 

2. The monthly return - for kicks. 

3. Investment advisor showing how a change in contribution (maybe a slider) to my portfolio will change the value of the portfolio at specific end date (e.g. retirement) based on historical return on the same portfolio. 

4. A total fee calculator to show how the investment product is eating into returns. 

5. A JSE market benchmark. 

Right now all you're telling me extra, for volunteering pretty sensitive data to you, is my total net worth. Fair trade? I think not. 



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  • Hi Nadim,

    Thanks so much for your feedback. Greatly appreciated. I'll be sure to pass it on to the rest of the team!

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