Integration Request: Sanral eToll Standard & VPC Account Tracking (We need it ASAP please)

So I usually do not go under the dreaded gantries due to traffic & the way I'm navigated via Waze.. but when I have I have post paid manually at the eToll counter.. so i registered for a tag to make this process easier as u can then settle via EFT in a pre-paid fashion.

Now I know what u thinking.. no one likes eToll.. but really people need to relise that this for other toll routes is the way its going and it makes you life faster wrt toll payment BUT here is the catch.. SANRAL are evil buggers and as soon as it passes the 7 day grace period and 30 day billing, it goes into a separate VPC account where this amount can skyrocket fast due to the interest which becomes payable on outstanding amounts.

22Seven to the rescue.. if a user is registered with both, please make the application track these values so that you know what the current value due is and what the VPC (outstanding/violations processing centre) value is. This will have an impact on users of the app as they can then settle BEFORE the nasty interest rates get applied. 



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  • Hi Kashif,

    Thanks for your suggestion! I'll make sure to pass it on to our data and product design teams for consideration :)

    Please let us know if you have any other thoughts or feedback. We love hearing from customers!

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