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The automated bank feed method is great and I agree with your approach and why you prefer that.

However, it bugs me without end, that historic transactions are missing!!! I keep wondering how it would have effected my trends etc.

Reasons for my 'missing transactions' are:

1. If you close an account at the bank, the bank feed doesnt update anymore. I have 3 accounts that are incomplete and now after being closed I cannot update them with the final transactions.

2. transactions pre-dating the start of my bank feeds. I have significant transaction I would like to be include in the month predating the start of my feeds.

What manual adding will do for me:

I dont think this will detract or harm your strategy. The day to day is and should be handsfree and automatd with feeds. This works.

But, I will have the peace of mind to know that my trends, nudges etc. are inclusive of my history as far back as I want to go.

May I also point out that in my case (and in many others Im sure), this tool is also used as the financial record-keeping of a household, even one or 2 small businesses. So, having the ability to add ALL transactions is quite vital.

Please add the function to add missing transactions for this of us that are pedantic and cannot stand incomplete accounts!!!



  • Hi Anton,

    Thanks for taking the time to give us some feedback. Our service makes use of HTML data-aggregation to access your account details and transaction information. This means that the service is entirely read-only, as we can only display information that is readily accessible on your internet banking profiles for free. This is usually the previous 3 months' worth of transactions (or the most recent 150).

    Anything beyond this is no longer available on your internet banking profile for free and is, therefore, out of reach of our data-collection technology.

    Unfortunately, there are inherent limitations to using HTML data-aggregation in our service and one of them is the ability to input account and transaction data manually. As things stand, this is not possible for us to do without a complete overhaul of our entire service.

    As much as I would like to give you better news here, this is not a direction that would be easy for us to take. I do hope though that 22seven can provide you with the tools you need to gain deeper insights into your financial behaviour going forward.

    If you have any further thoughts on the matter, please feel free to leave your message here or contact us at

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  • I strongly support this request. I too want to be able to augment the current data drawn from my bank accounts with historical data. As a matter of fact, I just assumed that this functionality would be available and couldn't believe it when I finally found an item in the FAQ stating that this is not the case.

    I meant to use this service at least in part as a bookkeeping tool, but need the freedom to augment my data as required. In addition, I noticed in the forum that users have on occasion struggled with missing transactions from the automatic bank feed. Not being able to fix incomplete records would render this service unusable to me.

    Perhaps the design goals of the service and my usage requirements are just a bad fit. I would still like to urge you to consider the value of giving users greater control over their data.

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  • I have been maintaining my data before 22seven by csv and really would like to add this to my historic transactions. I am quite disappointed that I am not able to do this. If you feel that this is not correct could you not arrange with us / banks to receive historic information by cost?

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  • Hi Samantha,

    We still aren't looking at this as an option, but I will share the feedback with the product team and this request might make its way to our backlog. Unfortunately this is not a promise that I can make.

    Thanks again for the request.

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  • This is the single thing I want most... All other features are irrelevant if I cannot build them on my FULL history. I have all my bank statements in CSV, but can't add them to this otherwise really cool tool.

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  • Hi Unis,

    Apologies for missing your addition to this thread!

    I'm afraid this isn't something we're considering and we don't expect to add this functionality for the foreseeable future. The ability to manually add transactions to 22seven would add a lot of complication under the hood. For example, with transactions we automatically gather from your bank, our categorisation system typically knows how to interpret transaction descriptions into order to categorise them correctly, deliver Nudges to you etc. With manually-added transactions, custom naming conventions would in all likelihood lead to us being unable to categorise these transactions or use them to serve you with Nudges.

    Our stance on this may change in future, but at the moment we'd rather focus on improving our automatic data gatherers and categorisation system as much as possible to ensure customers enjoy their experience :)

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  • Im sorry, but this does not make sense. As a solutions/software engineer myself, the exact same principles would apply to the description categorization as would with "auto" importing. If you take the export file as the bank provides (usually within emails as some sort of CSV even) that should be quite possible (Im saying this as I've been part of numerous systems that does this exact same thing). Even something like SageOnline / Quickbooks online does this. Just provide the functionality for the banks you are comfortable in doing it for.

    For this reason, this solution is worthless to me, as I categorically refuse to enter my bank details into a system. So thank you, but I will be closing my account.

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  • Hi Paul,

    We're sorry to hear you feel that way.

    Please bear in mind that while some customers may wish to upload unmodified CSV files they've exported directly from their online banking profile, other customers may wish to use such a feature to create manual transactions, which opens the door for countless new transaction descriptors that won't necessarily play very nicely with our current categorisation engine.

    While the likes of SageOnline/Quickbooks may allow this, the focus of these services is on accounting rather than personal finance management and behavioural change. For example, neither app offers a feature similar to 22seven's Nudges, which is heavily reliant on accurate transaction categorisation to deliver useful insights.

    While this challenge certainly isn't something we aren't able to overcome, we've taken the decision to focus on one data collection method and do it to the best of our ability. Supporting over 100 service providers, constantly adding new ones, improving on existing features and having a long feature roadmap ahead of us means that we have to choose where to place our focus in order to maintain our quality standards.

    Hopefully you'll decide to give 22seven another try in future, though!

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