Creating a view that will combine spending categories

I would really love to see a view where I have a stacked bar chart per category instead of having 3 different bars for each spending category. Although I think it is crucial to know what is day to day vs exception vs recurring I find it difficult to match all amounts in a single category. For example Medical expenses:
My medical aid is recurring
Day to day I could buy pain meds etc
Exception I broke my arm and there is a big expense.

I would like to see all of these as one category for the month in the spending plan as medical with the bar chart being a stacked chart with the colors that represent the different spending categories.



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  • Hi Jaco,

    Thanks for taking time to send us your thoughts on a graph view. I'd like to point out that the Compare View does a similar job to what you are asking for.

    You can find the Compare view via the Spending Plan (in the top right corner next to Track) or from the Visualisations screen. Both views are currently only on the web app unfortunately.

    I'm still sharing your thoughts with the entire team!

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