Monthly spending plan start date

While the ability to adjust the start date for my spending plan is good; the problem is that it's a global setting across all my transactions so if I change it (e.g. because I've changed to a job with a different pay date) it messes up my history.

Each month should have its own start date (with the end date being the next start date - 1).

My primary reason for wanting a unique start date each month is because I'm sometimes paid a day or 2 earlier than expected because of pay day being on a Sunday or Public Holiday.

This messes with my planning because now I'm paid in the previous month and un-allocated funds and in the current month I have no income so I'm WAY over budget. And if I change the planning start date to suit the current month then my history is all out again, every affect my previous month.

I considered putting this under feedback but I think it's going to have a large impact on your development. But this is a major issue for me.



  • Hi Andre,

    Thanks so much for getting in touch and for providing your valuable feedback. This would be a fantastic feature, and one that has been requested frequently.

    It would indeed be a large impact on development, and is a topic of constant conversation internally as we continue to explore the possibilities.

    I've passed your feedback on to our product team so I'll definitely make sure your voice is heard.

    As always, if you ever have any more ideas/feedback/suggestions please do keep them coming! :)

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  • +1 on this.

    Has there been any traction gained on this feature?

    It really is a necessity as André mentioned above.

    My income date does not always stay on the exact same date and if the global setting is changed all other months are thrown completely out.

    Any feedback yet?

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  • Hi, I also think this will be a great feature.

    In the meantime, my work around is as follows:

    On early payday, transfer salary to savings account. Reclassify the original receipt as a transfer, as well as the transfer itself

    On the System Designated start day of your budget, transfer the money back, and classify the transfer as Income.

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  • Please address this issue.

    Our salary comes in anything from the 6th to the 10th of the month.

    A major issue for us.

    Apart from this, outstanding tool!

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  • Hi Lisa,

    The good news is that the team is looking at adjustable/changeable Money Month start dates again with renewed energy, although we do not have any timeline for this.

    Part of the reason for looking at this again is to set a changeable start date that is independent of the previous month's start date, exactly what you've been looking for.

    I hope we'll have this built into 22seven fairly soon.

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