Vehicle Rentals And/Or Partial Reversals

Whenever I am on a business trip and have a car rental I've noticed that the initial transaction cost is typically the

Total Reserved Cost = Rental Cost + Insurance Waiver + Insurance Cover + Fuel Cover.

The remainder of this, typically Insurance Cover + Part Fuel Cover is reversed on your credit card. This means that it throws 22Seven application out of wack as the partial reversal is seen as income and the cost of the transaction is fixed at the full initial amount.. While I do this in my head etc I wish 22Seven was able to do this for me.

Another scenario.. my credit card was fraudulently used a month ago thus the dreaded card replacement happen.. but while the fraud transaction(I picked up on it quickly yay me) was fully reversed, it still shows as 2 transactions.. purchase and reversal/income.

On both these scenarios, 22Seven needs a way to link the two transactions such that in the cost of the transaction is adjusted accordingly rather than it offsetting the income.

Car Rental = The initial transaction will be adjusted down.
Fraud = The transaction will show as 0

In both cases you will then see the two transactions as linked, kinda like how the split billing works.. well in this case a reverse of that. Yes I know this may be tricky to do but I really would appreciate this vs the current income skew.



  • Hi Kashif,

    It is possible to remove an expense by categorising it as a transfer. You can also do it when splitting the expense.

    With the Car Rental you can split the initial expense and make the amount the same as the money returned and then categorise both of these as transfers.

    With the fraud you just categorise both the money going out as well as the money coming in as a Transfer.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Cool.. I guess I could do that.

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  • Hi Kashif,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Hmm, a way to do is would be to split the transaction into two parts, the actual cost and the refunded amount, then mark the refunded portion as a transfer, thereby ensuring that your values are not skewed.

    Hope this answers your question.

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