Current Balance vs Available Balance

Is there a particular reason that the current balance rather than the available balance is displayed on the accounts screen?
Personally I would prefer the available balance as this represents the amount of money that I have left to spend.
Is there any way to switch between one or the other?



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  • Hi Trevor,

    Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, there is no way to switch between the two.

    We like to standardise the balances across all account types listed in your Accounts screen, and because not all account types include available balances (like rewards for example), we decided to rather display current balance on the main account card.

    You can view your available balance on your transactional accounts by clicking the account, which will give you a more detailed view of the account balances. Your available balances are the ones that add to your Have/ Owe/ Borrow totals at the top :)

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