Allocate Transaction to Account I Owe

To whom it may concern:

If I created an Account on which I owe Money, and I make a payment for that account - how do I allocate that transaction to the specific account?



  • Hi Heinn,

    We've dropped the ball. We're really, really sorry for taking so long to reply to you here.

    I've taken a look and can see that you mailed us as well and that Candice replied to you.

    Just to confirm, you can't currently add any transactions to manual accounts.
    You can however edit the account balance. You can do this by selecting "Edit" after clicking the account card from your Accounts screen and then editing the balance from there.

    Please let me know if that helps?

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  • Hi Andre,

    I had the same question and I see you have answered it - do you have plans to add this as a function? I would envision it working along the lines of:

    1. Set spending group to Invest-Save-Repay
    2. Based on above selection, a list of manual accounts becomes available in the list of categories

    I reckon this would be a pretty handy way of handling it :)

    Regardless, thanks guys for an awesome product

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  • Although, having just described the possible workflow, it occurs to me that you have not added this functionality because it is probably quite difficult, or probably impossible, to cater for applicable interest on the manual account... Bugger.

    Thanks again!

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  • Hi Patric,

    Thanks for the question and the great feedback.

    Because our aim is for 22seven to feel the least like homework, we'd like to eventually have ALL service providers on board, so that we can automatically collect your transactions for you.

    We do realise though that there are some service providers that we might never be able to support, so that's why we've added the manual account functionality. It's main aim is so that you can add accounts for service providers we don't support yet, or other assets or liabilities you might have, in order for you to more accurately track your net value in the Accounts screen.

    I hope that helps?

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  • I would also like this feature. I have a family load, interest free, and I make monthly repayments on it. I can manually edit the loan balance, sure, but I will probably forget, whereas this would be a very easy linkage and calculation.

    If, as Patric said, interest is payable on a manually created loan, this is certainly not impossible - there may have to be some business rules, but really it should come down to whether the rate is fixed or variable and what the rate is - these types of calcs are the bread and butter of financial institutions.

    Great product though, and I foresee it only getting better.

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  • Thanks for adding your voice to the request James. I'll definitely pass the suggestions to the Product team :)

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